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Messages and Errors

The following section describe how to manage the outputted level of messages to the console, as well as common runtime errors.

Messages control

As part of the normal program flow, there are messages which are outputted into the python console. There are four different level of messages:

  1. Debug - Debug messages, off by default.
  2. Info - Normal OPX status, mainly when executing a program.
  3. Warnings - Important warnings, such as client version does not match server version.
  4. Errors - Error messages, usually compilation errors.

It is possible to change the level which is outputted by using the following commands:

from qm.logging_utils import set_logging_level

Where level can be either 'DEBUG', 'INFO', 'WARNING' or 'ERROR'.

The commands above will work starting from QUA. For earlier versions, please use:

from qm.logger import logger


We do not recommend setting the level to 'ERROR', as important warning messages might be missed.


The logger.setLevel command need to be called before opening the QuantumMachineManager


It is possible to disable the output of the logger into the stdout by adding an environment variable named QM_DISABLE_STREAMOUTPUT to the OS

Runtime Errors

When running a QUA program, run-time errors may occur. In this section we address all common error types and explain how they are handled. We also explain how to send error logs to QM for support and debugging purposes.

Runtime errors can be indicated in one of two ways:

  1. When fetching results, if a runtime error occurred, a warning message will be printed
  2. by calling QmJob.execution_report() and querying its output.

Below we outline different runtime error types and what do they mean.

Analog output overflow

Indicates if the value played to an analog output at any sample is outside the range -0.5 to \(0.5 - 2^{-16}\), which causes an output overflow.


It is possible for an overflow to occur with no indication. Therefore when in doubt, it always smart to double check using a scope or a simulation.

Error code 10201

The error message says: "General error in inter-controller communication detected on the sending/receiving side in controller XXX - please gather logs and report to QM" This is a known false error and can be ignored. If you encounter in addition any data integrity issues, please report to us.